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You Might Have the Wrong Staffing Partner IF…

March 22, 2017  |  Leave a comment

Fusion Top 10

We are serious about event staffing but “all work and no play” is not in our DNA – so we hope this month’s message shares a little fun in your day!

You might have the wrong staffing partner if…

10. They think ROI means Republic of Ireland and they don’t staff there

9. They don’t ask questions and seem surprised when the event fails to produce results

8. When asked if they’re flexible they mention they practice yoga

7. Their “strict” qualification for employment is a social security number

6. When you ask about their passion they refer to a fruit drink

5. Your account manager has an email address with [email protected]….

4. Calling after 5pm or on a weekend and hoping their voicemail isn’t full

3. Their greatest measure of success is “the staff showed up”

2. Their top three values are Budget, Budget, and Budget

1. They post all their jobs on Twitter

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