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Trade Show Staffing Builds Real ROI

March 28, 2018  |  Leave a comment

The people who represent your brand at a trade show are your most important asset – more important than your setup, giveaways, and everything in between. Most consumers are going to remember their interaction with ambassadors at the event more than anything else.

85% of an exhibitor’s success hinges on the performance of its booth staff – Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) survey

Trade shows are competitive and intense, and who you hire for your next one plays a major part in your success. Trade show event staff members are solely responsible for every attendee’s experience with your brand and whether that’s positive or negative.

Trade Show Staff

Trade show staff members should be well versed on your brand and understand what your goals are. With only a few short seconds to make a great impression and attract attendees, you need staff members that are on their A-game and focused on real ROI for your brand.

Trade show staffings are responsible for:

  1. Initiating conversations with attendees
  2. Answering questions of all kinds about your products or services
  3. Building brand awareness
  4. Capturing data that enables post-event relationship building
  5. Closing the sale (if applicable)

If your trade show staff members are able to complete each of these effectively, your brand will see real ROI from the event.

Standing Out at a Trade Show

Standing out at a trade show through each of these job responsibilities is critically important to maximizing your investment. When it comes to trade show staffing, a professional can help you find the right people with the right experience to work your booth and protect your marketing investment. At Fusion, we work hard to find the right staff to represent your brand to ensure you meet your goals and your next trade show is a successful one.

You can trust us to show your unique traits in order to generate real ROI for your business. We can provide services for promotional models, booth ambassadors, hostesses, greeters, sales associates, and entertainers.

We would love to talk to you about your next trade show event and see how we can help. Fill out a request here.

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