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The Unfiltered Truth About “Click To Staff”

July 14, 2015  |  Leave a comment


“Click to Staff” makes sense if your highest value needs are efficiency & low cost. Just submit a request and get staff onsite with little planning required. But let’s take a minute to examine how your request is getting filled…

These systems are designed for speed, so the highest priority on vetting available staff is just that – availability. The more available staff an agency has in their database, the more potential billable hours; so there is very little value, time & effort placed on applicant screening.

Investing in systems like video resume submissions and personal interviews with specific brand questions is valuable, which often increases the hourly rate required to remain profitable. And produces far greater results.

Bottom Line:

If you want available staff at a low cost then “Click to Staff” vendors can be a good solution. However, if you need well-screened ambassadors who have been personally interviewed, then a personalized quote presented by an experienced staffing partner is essential.

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