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The APP Trap!

March 8, 2017  |  Leave a comment

coffee fusionThanks to the Coffee Store’s app, I walk in and the barista hands me a hot coffee with my name on the side! Feeling proud for leveraging technology to skip the line; I jump in my car, take a sip, and immediately realize this was NOT what I ordered!

In our industry there have been a growing number of “Click-to-Staff” (C2S) service providers. Need staff? Enter a few details and with a few clicks, you’re set. But at the end of the day is speed & efficiency what actually matters most?

We see a similar trend with these C2S providers; by focusing on efficiency first and automating most processes, the results have suffered: the wrong event ambassadors are presented for your programs.

We embrace and will continue to leverage technology – but results are our top priority. A personal interaction and relationship will drive greater results – and there’s NOT an app for that. It may cost a little more and take a bit more time, but you will get what actually matters most! And we both win.

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