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We believe your role as an Event Ambassador presents more than an opportunity to work an event...  Every job you accept will influence the path of your success!

Our clients demand excellence - to arrive at your event on-time, work hard, and exceed expectations.  Furthermore, our desire is to influence you to grow as a leader.

Professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness are the values that define how we ALL work together  - and what we require of our Ambassadors as you represent our clients’ brands.

By joining the Fusion Team you are committing to uphold these values. In return we are committed to empowering you with the information you need to serve our clients well.

*If you have Accounting questions about payment or your check - please contact  Admin[email protected] and we will respond quickly.

To learn more, please see our DRIVE Program below.

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Visit our Fusion-BookedOut site to start the registration process, and then download the APP.


Current Staff APP Download

Download the Fusion-BookedOut APP to receive invitations for events, update your profile, and more!

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We want you to embrace our staffing leadership program, DRIVE.

Our team at Fusion cares about your personal growth through the development of your leadership skills.

Wherever your journey takes you, strong leadership, respect and consideration for others will always serve you well. Thank you for taking this step of commitment towards your success - and ours.

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