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Lessons in Staffing #2: Are All The Great Staff Booked? How to win with Last Minute Orders.

June 2, 2017  |  Leave a comment

Ever wait until the last-minute to get a reservation at the local hot restaurant? Unless you’re lucky, your 1st choice is usually booked-up and now you have to look for the next best option.

Experienced Event Ambassadors often book their schedules in advance as well.  As your staffing partner, we place the most qualified people on your programs as quickly & effectively as possible. The good news is that when you place a last-minute order, we can still get good staff – but if you want to maximize the opportunity, don’t wait to let us know. Give us a call!

The reality for us all is when last minute orders are received, it’s often more challenging to attract your “top staff picks” as many ambassadors are probably already booked. So what can you do?

Over the last 12-14 months we have successfully tackled many more programs with much tighter deadlines, including many staffing orders with a 3-4 day notice. How can we guarantee you are getting the right brand ambassadors? We ask our Agency Partners to bring us in to the planning process early. We then have a little more time to interview & secure the best staff to fit the goals of your program.

Last-minute orders are a challenge, but not impossible. Working together, and often with a more attractive rate incentive for your staff, we can get the job done right.

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