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Managing the white water rapids of your events!

September 4, 2014  |  Leave a comment


A few moments earlier I was casually drifting down the river, and now we’re responding aggressively to our Guide’s commands as we blast through the white water rapids. If you have ever experienced a white water rafting trip then you can relate to the wild ride – both physically and emotionally! In between each set of harsh rapids lies relatively calm water, with little foreshadowing of what lies ahead. It’s easy during these sections to take in all your surroundings and make thoughtful decisions. Rocking through the rapids you only have the capacity to respond to commands from the skilled guide shouting out orders to skillfully navigate your team through the rough water.

If you’re paddling like crazy without a guide, you are in for trouble.

Managing a big event is like shooting the rapids; if you don’t have an experienced guide and team, you will be consumed with managing people & processes with little time for client relations and planning.

If this sounds familiar – you are not alone. Over the past 21 years we know how creating experiential events is exciting and fun – but managing a large rollout across multiple states can be overwhelming. Large programs are like Class V rapids – navigating them successfully requires countless hours of experience in similar situations.

So when your effectiveness has decreased as the number of programs has increased – we’re ready to jump in – influencing the success of staffing your program and creating margin to reallocate your time more effectively.

While the initial response might be to set up new processes and hire new people, your most effective option is to trust a staffing partner to manage the process – one who has experienced, nationwide W2 event ambassadors ready to work, and a proven track record of success. So if the waters look rough and you need to trust in the right guide to navigate a successful experience, we’re not afraid to jump in and grab the paddle.

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