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It’s not just a cup of coffee

April 1, 2014  |  Leave a comment

One of my favorite weekly rituals is meeting up with a friend at a local coffee shop. We could choose to meet at the office or either of our homes, but I I find the conversation flows more freely when we sit down for a cup of coffee. One of the main reasons for this is that neither of us is distracted or concerned about anything other than connecting and catching up. The best coffee shops provide a comfortable low key atmosphere that is consistent – it is not just about the coffee.

Baristas go through extensive training and have strict standards for customer service and interaction to make sure that both the coffee and the customer engagement is rock solid awesome. Successful companies like Starbucks know that nothing can ruin the atmosphere more than a bad cup of coffee or a rude employee.

In our arena of experiential marketing, it’s just not as easy as ordering a cup of coffee. While we also conduct training and quality checks to ensure your event ambassadors represent your brand well, you don’t want your agency partner to give you just the basics – especially when they can provide you with more value.

Unfortunately, this opportunity is often overlooked – and we want to help you be successful! So before you require your partners to simply serve as “order takers”, take a few minutes to discuss your program in these three areas:

1. Communicate your goals! What does success look like at the end of the day? How are you gauging the success of your event? What metrics need to be met, and how can we help? If we don’t know what you are aiming for, how can we hit it?

2. Ask for additional insight. Your partner should be an expert in their field; and frankly, we all sometimes miss opportunities and great ideas. Are there “red flags” in the program that might have been overlooked? How can we make small program adjustments that could yield big results?

3. Follow-up Post Event Review Can we spend a few minutes on the phone discussing the challenges and successes of the program? What did we learn? What should we change? Did we properly communicate your goals/needs to the team?

A few minutes talking about these opportunities will produce greater results, more satisfied clients, and stronger partnerships. And then we can all meet for a cup of coffee!

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