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Fight to Pay Your Quality Ambassadors More

June 7, 2016  |  Leave a comment

We recently asked our Ambassador Advisory Board about rates – and what we learned was really interesting. Booking Event Staff at $15 per hour is not providing the quality we expect… $18+ is the goal. But why?

Unfortunately, the perception today from many staff paid at $15 per hour is your event is not a “high profile” opportunity. Regardless of how many hours or days, or if we agree or disagree, the stronger more qualified ambassadors are seeking higher rates. For example, we staff a lot of programs in California.

In case you missed this article, $15 will soon become the minimum wage in CA!

As a qualified, W2 Certified Agency partner and 23 year veteran in the industry, our bill rates are averaging $35-$38+ per hour for most programs, which allows us to offer rates around $18+ per hr.

And while rate & budget is important – we believe there’s more… We all (you, me, staff, clients, etc.) want to earn our margin. We believe quality is not only produced by rate, but is driven by the ability to personally influence our Ambassadors to serve as leaders!

As we continue to provide competitive rates, Fusion Event Staffing personally invests in the success of our Ambassadors through our Drive Leadership Program – presenting principles like dedication and trust – which drives greater results for your programs.

When we pay our staff well, and these principles are exemplified in the field, we all win.


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