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Expecting Your Event Staff To Shine Without Polish

August 14, 2015  |  Leave a comment

A truly great brand ambassador needs to be able to own their presentation and deliver with emotion to move clients into action. This type of performance does not happen without proper preparation.


Would you hand a script to an actor about to walk onto stage and expect a convincing delivery?

We have seen clients hand over rigorous training manuals 30 minutes prior to the event start – hardly enough time to memorize the key talking points and more importantly not instilling the “WHY” into their performance. Their performance feels hollow and flat and leads to poor results because they are focused on remembering and not on inspiring and convincing. Other clients allow their brand ambassadors several days before the event to absorb and connect with the program and make it their own. These ambassadors deliver truthful performances that connect and capture and not only deliver the expected results but oftentimes far exceed them.


Set up your staff for success by giving them time to prepare for your program. If you’re sending out a training deck 24 hours prior to an event, your staff doesn’t have enough time to really absorb what’s required. Give your ambassadors the gift of time by presenting your program deck a few days before the event. *Your training deck should fit the model of your program – don’t give your ambassadors a lengthy manual and expect them to memorize all talking points 30 minutes before the event starts.

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