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Event Staffing Solutions for 2019’s Big Game

April 11, 2018  |  Leave a comment

Although it feels like February 4 wasn’t too long ago, 2019’s game will be here before we know it. This year, the game will be held in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with plenty of opportunities for brand activations–especially if your brand has a connection to sports or your audience is into sports–and we have the event staffing solutions you need.

Experiential events marketing is not new for sports or the “big game” (aka the Pro Football National Championship…). This event is already an amazing experience for consumers, so what can your brand do to add value to that? How can your brand win over these amazing football fans? By adding to the fan experience, creating memories, and encouraging fans to trust your brand. This means more customers, sales, and brand loyalty. You can do this through event staffing solutions that are quality and reliable, and represent your brand well. We call that a touchdown.

Add to the fan experience, create memories, and encourage fans to trust your brand.

event staffing solutions at the big game “He who gets the best players usually wins.” – Bobby Bowden, former Florida State coach

While Bobby Bowden was talking about football, we believe this quote also directly applies to event marketing and event staffing solutions. Your best players are the staff representing your brand. They are the ones that relate to your audience and personify the brand. They create the fan experience, interact with consumers, and guide them. Our team has the experience needed to make your big game event successful.

As W2 variable hour employees, you won’t have to worry about co-employment risk and unemployment fines. You’ll have more staff control. We manage your risk while presenting great ambassadors for your event that matches exactly what you need.

Take tailgate marketing beyond the tailgate with a street team or mobile tour for greater reach. We would love to help you staff your event and ensure it’s a success. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find quality staff. Start here.

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