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Communication and Conversation

March 11, 2015  |  Leave a comment

We ordered an appetizer, and within five minutes of our discussion I realized Randy was far more interested in telling me his story. He could hardly wait for me to finish what I was saying before he jumped in with the next talking point.

Have you ever found yourself in this same situation, someone communicating at you without inviting you to join in the conversation?


I finished my lunch with Randy by saying “I will follow up with you later.” Want to guess the likelihood of us doing business together? Like most people I am drawn to individuals and brands that are responsive and open, and have very little time for those who aren’t.

Our Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to engage your customers, not only to communicate your message but more importantly to invite them into conversation. Your customers are saying something about you. Why not let our ambassadors capture those responses and launch a more meaningful relationship?

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