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Beyond the Basics of Event Staffing

August 9, 2017  |  Leave a comment

If you’ve ever planned an event, you know anything can happen, and the only way to be successful is by having a flexible team that’s big on communication.

As you and your team prepare for your next event, there are 3 things during the planning and execution of your event will help unite you, your staff, and your staffing agency, leading to a successful event.

Our top 3 tips as you hire staff for your next event:

  1. Be upfront about expected changes. We know that changes happen, and that’s okay. We just need to know ahead of time in order to manage staff expectations and book staff with some flexibility. Some ambassadors will have more flexibility in their schedule if dates and times change more than once while others simply do not. If you communicate any changes as soon as they’re made and exercise full transparency, we’ll be able to ensure you have the right staff that’s prepared.
  2. Talk about timelines from the beginning. What will you need from your staff and other vendors? More importantly, when will you need these things? If you need information from your staff prior to the event, communicate this with enough time for us to ensure you get all you need in a timely manner.
  3. Get feedback during your event. We hear a lot of feedback after events, but if something isn’t going well, we need to know during the event. If you ever feel like there may be a staffing issue, let us know immediately. We will work through whatever situation necessary in order to ensure total success for your event.

Think through these tips as you’re planning your next event so that you can ensure a successful experience for both your staff and attendees.

Looking for great staff for your next event? Let us help!

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