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4 Reasons You Should Use RFID Technology at Your Next Event

June 7, 2017  |  Leave a comment

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is changing the way we attend and host events. Have you seen it? It is a wireless chip in the form of a band that attendees can wear at your event. Information is stored on the wireless chip – things like tickets, credit card info, etc. This means that attendees would have less to keep up with, which in turn makes things like entrance and food lines much shorter. It also allows you to collect data and understand how people are behaving at your event, which is a huge win for your clients!

Intellitix, a provider of RFID access control activated over one million RFID tags at festivals last year.

Music festivals and large events like Tomorrowland, Bonnaroo, and EMC World are already using this wireless technology to engage their attendees in an interactive and fun way. It has the ability to be used in hundreds of ways, but why does it make sense for your event?

Here are 4 reasons why you should care about RFID technology:

  1. It eliminates counterfeit tickets. When this technology is used, ticket fraud is almost extinct.
  2. It means shorter entrance lines and food lines for your events, which is a huge delight for your attendees! With credit card info right on the band, there is no searching through a purse or bag.
  3. It’s an interactive way for attendees to be involved with your brand and sponsors of the event. There are plenty of possibilities here! Tomorrowland was able to connect the bands to individual Facebook accounts, allowing attendees the option to press a heart when they met someone. These hearts turned into a list of new friends for each attendee after the event.
  4. It provides customer data that you may not otherwise have. Data can help you understand your customers better, and in turn, provide better experiences for them. It can also provide you with clear results, saving you time (and a person!) during the actual event.

When RFID technology is used, event organizers see a lift of on-site event revenue by an increase of 15-30% compared to cash and credit card payment methods. (source: Intellitix)

In general, wireless technology is changing the way we view events. And this RFID technology is something you should definitely consider. While the technology has been around for awhile, it’s providing new opportunities and improving the experience for attendees.

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