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3 Reasons Experiential Marketing is a Great Way to Connect with Consumers

June 13, 2018  |  Leave a comment

Experiential marketing continues to see significant growth year after year. Why? Because it creates a physical connection between brands and potential consumers. The effectiveness of face-to-face marketing shows that people still have a strong desire for offline engagement. They crave that interaction and the relationships.

Three reasons why experiential marketing continues to be a great way to connect with your consumers:

1. Stand Out
Social media and the internet are full of brands, campaigns, and events, and it’s tough to keep up. It’s not too hard to push a brand or event online if you have the resources. This means that the pressure to be different and stand out is substantial. Having exposure or getting on the radar of a media outlet is no longer enough, and neither is awareness. Experiential events help you to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers in a way that digital media just doesn’t do.

2. Tangible Experiences
Brands have to create tangible relationships with their consumers to fulfill this relationship consumers crave. Despite the swift spread of all things digital, people best connect with a brand the same way they connect with one another: in person. Events allow brands to reach consumers in person and give them the experience they crave.

3. Boost Your Bottom Line
Ultimately, experiential marketing leads to improved engagement, and thus sales. Studies have shown that experiential marketing campaigns improve outcomes. Experiential marketing elevates standard approaches in terms of profit, not just awareness. Brands who are using events are forming new and improving upon existing consumer relations. These relationships return a better opportunity to drive profit. Current consumers relay their positive experiences to others via social media (and other online avenues), and experiential marketing is amplified by the digital reach.

Being bombarded by media promotions has left consumers feeling like just another faceless number on the bottom line. They are more likely to take notice when a brand reaches out to engage them in person. Experiential marketing equals a personal touch. Experiential marketing and digital work together to give you powerful marketing.

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