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Why You Need a Post-Event Evaluation

April 18, 2018  |  Leave a comment

Your event ends and all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. Not so fast! After an event is over, it is vital to do a post-event evaluation, but it’s something so many people neglect. You’ve planned this event for months, shouldn’t you be sure the event reached its goals?

A post-event evaluation allows you to gather and analyze data from the event. Data can help to highlight your event’s effectiveness and provide insight as to how to improve performance in the future.

A post-event evaluation allows you to:

  1. Know if the event achieved its determined goals.
  2. Ensure the event met the expectations of attendees.
  3. Collect data that will help you improve strategy, logistics, and scheduling for sales and marketing.
  4. Know if brand awareness and image increased among your audience.

Without evaluating your event, you are just taking a stab in the dark at answering these questions and understanding if your event was a success. You aren’t actually providing valuable feedback. A post-event evaluation can also mean assuring company executives that not only did the event reach its goals, but the entire marketing plan is hitting its mark.

How to evaluate your event

It can be tough to take a step back during the event, but try to schedule at least 5 minutes during the event to just observe. Are things going the way you thought they would? Is it complete chaos or is everything running smoothly, maybe even better than expected? Take note of anything you see.

Ask for it.
You won’t know unless you ask. Provide feedback forms to everyone involved in your event, from your brand ambassadors to the management team. You should also consider giving the event attendees an easy way to provide feedback. A few questions you can ask:

  • How was the location?
  • Was the event footprint a good size for the number of people in attendance?
  • What worked well during the event?
  • What didn’t work well during the event?
  • What should be done differently next time?
  • Were the giveaways valuable? Why or why not?
  • Were the marketing tools used for this event effective?
  • Are you satisfied with the event’s overall performance?

Calculate ROI
After considering how much of the budget was spent on the event, answer the following questions:

  • How many leads converted to sales?
  • How many samples did you give out?
  • How many email addresses did you collect?
  • How many purchases were made?

From these answers, you will know what the estimated ROI of the event was.

What to do with your post-event evaluation

No matter what your event’s goal is, you won’t know you’ve reached success until you complete a thorough post-event evaluation. Create a report with all relevant information that can go to everyone involved in the event. Include the objectives and the goal. This will help to ensure you’re always improving, in your events as well as the return on your event investment.

Our brand ambassadors are always asked to complete post-event evaluations and we’re happy to share our experiences. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the success of a recent event!

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