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Top 6 Event Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Easier

May 9, 2018  |  Leave a comment

A successful event has a lot of moving parts, but there are many event marketing tools that can make your life a lot easier. From organization to time-saving event marketing tools, automating some of your tasks and processes gives you the ability to focus on what you need to succeed. Using the right technology in event marketing provides a lot of value in all aspects of your event.

Our top 6 event marketing tools that will make your life easier:

1. Cloud-based storage app: Keep track of all your information – invoices, photos, list of attendees, data from the event, etc. This also allows your documents to be accessible to every member of your team that will need it.

Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive

2. Project management software: With so many moving pieces, a project management app is going to keep you and your team organized. Invite your team and assign them tasks and due dates. Ensure you’re meeting every deadline and aren’t missing any important details.

Examples: Smartsheet, Workfront

3. Expense tracking app: Don’t worry about keeping up with receipts and expenses. Find an app that will do it for you! Many of these apps allow you to simply take pictures of receipts and issue reimbursements.

Examples: Quickbook, Expense Path

4. Social media management platform: If you’re using social media to promote your event, you’ll want a platform to help. This allows you to schedule everything ahead of time and to strategically think about when and where you’re promoting the event. You’ll be able to manage all accounts in one place, schedule your posts, track analytics, and even engage with your audience.

Examples: Hootsuite, Sprout Social

5. Mobile check-in: Streamline the check-in process while making it less frustrating for guests. These apps are going to give you shorter lines and a seamless process, making it a better experience for everyone.

Example: ShiftGig (one of our partners that you can learn more about here)

6. Mobile event app: Get your attendees more involved in the event while providing them important updates with a mobile event app. This will not only improve the experience for attendees, but will allow you to have one place to communicate anything about the event. We suggest finding an app that allows you to customize to your event’s look and feel, while still being simple to use.

(It’s best to work with an experienced agency here to create an app for you.)

These event marketing tools can help keep you organized, measure your ROI, and make a big difference when it comes to planning and executing your next event. Start small and pick the thing that will be easiest to implement for you. Once you get that down, you can add an additional tool. Before long, you’ll be able to automate most of your processes with event marketing tools, making your life easier.

We’d love to hear what you’ve tried and what tools you are currently using. Reach out to us and let us know!

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