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Our Staff

  1. What you want: Looking for reliable, experienced and trustworthy Ambassadors who represent your brand well, arriving on time and ready for action.

  2. Our Promise: Our qualified ambassadors will be there, on time when you need them. Like the postal service we will be there in the rain, sleet and snow and will be ready to represent your brand when you need them!

  3. Results: In 2014 we had a 98.7% success rate. Serving 100+ agency partners each year, we’ve tackled 150,000+ staffing hours over 5,500+ event locations nationwide.  Managing every type of weather, sickness, car trouble, family emergency, and whatever else happens, we continue to exceed our client’s expectations.

  4. Case Studies:  NEED EXAMPLES HERE

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  In addition to providing reliable staff – we know that your consumers are exponentially more likely to trust and relate to brand ambassadors who have relatable attributes and attitudes. Having the right person for the job to best represent your brand is critical to not only achieving but exceeding your goals. With over 20 years of experience we can bring qualified recommendations on the type of staff who is the best fit to represent your brands.