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San Diego Comic-Con Event Staffing Solutions

March 14, 2018  |  Leave a comment

Comic-Con in San Diego is one of our favorites and the pop culture event of the year, happening July 19-22. The creators and stars of our favorite comics, novels, tv shows, and movies come together with their fans. It’s a big celebration of imaginative entertainment with fans around the world.

We specialize in high-volume, large-scale nationwide programs like Comic-Con, and many of our brand ambassadors are actors, singers, dancers, emcees, costume Characters, and more! They thrive in this environment while understanding how to best promote your brand and keep it professional.

Your activation at Comic-Con should be unique to your brand as you reach this creative audience. Whatever you need for your San Diego appearance this year, we have the staffing for you. We can offer you thoroughly-trained teams for product sales and consumer engagement, entertainment for the attendees, and more. You and your team will have as much fun creating these events for people as the fans will during the event.

You need staff that is reliable, arrives on time, works hard, and hits your goals.

Over the last 25 years, we have staffed thousands of events with well-trained ambassadors representing brands in the most positive light. Each one of our ambassadors completes a leadership program known as DRIVE, learning a number of principles important to us. We would love to talk about the type of staff you need to cover your activation at Comic-Con this year. Request a quote for your event here.

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