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5 questions you should ask a new staffing partner.

We know what really matters:  presenting quality event ambassadors who show up on-time and do a great job without a lot of hassle from your staffing partner…   We also realize you expect more!

Q: Who’s working my event… Independent Contractors or Employees?
A: If you don’t think this is a BIG deal… think again.  Almost all staffing agencies hire staff as Independent Contractors, NOT as W2 Employees, presenting a strong and growing co-employment RISK for both you – and your client! States are cracking down on these issues, resulting in fines and penalty fees. A W2 compliant staffing partner provides more direct staff control and robust hiring & training practices, greatly diminishing co-employment risk. *Fusion presents W2 employees for your events!  You can learn more here.

Q: Should I be concerned when the Staff working my event will be paid?
A: While your staff should be excited about working your event, the #1 reason they are working is to earn an income – and to receive their check within 30 days of the event! Many staffing agencies wait to get paid from the client before they pay their staff, resulting in 60-90+ days until staff are paid for your event! Late checks result in ugly calls to your office, and to your client’s office. *Fusion processes payroll on the 10th of each month!

Q: Will there be “Back Up” staff on-site for my event?
A: The scary truth about staffing is “life happens” and 15%-20% of your booked staff are likely NOT to show up on-site, due to accidents, illness, forgetfulness, or any other random reason… Your staffing partner should provide trained, back-up staff to arrive on-site to ensure your event executes as planned. *Fusion provides on-site back-ups for your events – at no additional cost. (15 total hrs per day required)

Q: Does my staffing agency have the right Workers Comp policy?
A: Many staffing agencies present a WC policy, however, most of the time it only covers their in-house employees – not the staff in the field. Ask for a copy of the policy and call the insurer to confirm. You and your client do NOT want to be liable for event related injuries! *Fusion takes care of our staff with a reputable nationwide WC policy.

Q: Who is available to manage staffing emergencies on the weekends and at 9 pm?
A: Since many events are on the weekends, it surprises us how many agencies do not provide easy access to your account manager.  Often times you need your staffing partner to solve unexpected emergencies; for example, you need more staff on-site, or one of your ambassadors is late due to an accident. Make sure you have an “on call” manager to help you when needed – especially on the weekends, on Mother’s Day or at 9pm. *Fusion provides an On Call 24/7 Manager to assist you with your needs.