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Our ONE Rate Staffing Solution Includes:

> Dedicated Account Manager – available all day, and every day to help you when you need it.

> W2 Employees – not Independent Contractors.  If hiring contractors does not trouble you, it should… please click here to learn why it’s important for you – and your client.

> Back-Up Staff are provided at NO additional charge for events with at least 20 hrs/day.

> Complete Workers Comp coverage – your client and agency are not responsible if our staff are injured at your events.

> NO additional agency management fees, etc.

> Our General Brand Ambassador rates typically range from $34-$38 per hour.

Lastly, please take a minute to view the “Why Fusion” short video below from our friend, Joel Manby, who helped us create our DRIVE Love Works Staff Leadership program.

Thanks again for the opportunity to present our agency capabilities and a quote for your events.

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Sherry Kovak
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To learn more about Fusion’s LOVE WORKS Leadeship Series, visit our site:  Love Works