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Michelle Eddy


Michelle Eddy

VP Operations

1st Event:  Big Red, 2000

Michelle worked her first Fusion event promotion 17 years ago, distributing samples of a new gum to kids at theme parks, she had no idea how the results of her efforts would “stick”. Today, Michelle serves as Fusion’s Operations Director, coordinating our 21 member team operations and new business development efforts.

As a 18 year veteran in staffing management, her love for working as an ambassador in the field and the opportunity to serve others in the event staffing arena, presents a client manager with insight and experience to power any program; whether it’s 100 or 1,000 staff - she’s made it happen. Her passion & dedication to the success of Fusion’s programs makes her an asset to every event and program she manages. Michelle enjoys running, cycling and adventure races… the tougher the better!