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4 Creative Ideas for your Next Experiential Event

May 16, 2018  |  Leave a comment

Experiential events are all about connecting with consumers and creating a relationship with them. It’s about engaging with consumers while also promoting or selling your brand, and that will never change. But 2018 is bringing us a world of new technologies. It continues to get harder and harder for brands to create unique experiences and experiential events that keep consumers engaged.  

2018 is all about experiences. The brands that are engaging consumers with new and exciting experiences are the ones that are winning. These experiences are forcing stronger bonds with consumers and creating a lasting impression.

Take your next experiential event from good to great with these 4 fun and creative ideas:

  1. 3D printing – Not only is 3D printing still new and intriguing, it can create some really cool branded items that could potentially be giveaways for consumers at your experiential event. Learn more about 3D printing here.
  2. Customized photo experiences – Everyone loves taking pictures, and this provides consumers with a takeaway they’re likely to display for others to see (that includes your brand’s logo!). Get creative here! While photo booths are old news, photo experiences (think face filters like Snapchat and Instagram) are all the rage.
  3. Virtual reality – Virtual reality is really becoming more popular and gives you the opportunity to let consumers experience something like they never have before. Use this to your advantage and allow consumers to experience your product or brand in a new way.
  4. Interactive projection – Drive people (especially kids) over with an interactive wall or floor. Maybe this is how consumers select a product to sample, or it’s a game they can play — the options are endless here.

Creating memorable events is a must as brands continue to compete for consumers’ attention and loyalty. Keep in mind that you need to focus on your audience and what works for them – not just the coolest thing on this list. Integrating these creative technologies in your event is great as long as it highlights your brand and helps you reach your goal(s).

We are happy to share specific examples of things we have done in previous events or help brainstorm something completely new for you and your brand. Reach out to us here and let’s chat!

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