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3 Auto Experiential Marketing Activations You Can Learn From

June 20, 2018  |  Leave a comment

We have staffed thousands of events over the last 25 years in business, and through these we have seen experiential marketing activations work. It creates relationships and trust between brands and consumers. Experiential marketing has also changed a lot – trends come and go, digital and social marketing entered the scene, and consumers have more things in the way of their attention on your brand. Auto experiential marketing activations, especially, have transformed into a lot more than displaying a vehicle.

An event in the auto industry is all about increasing brand awareness and creating an emotional connection with consumers. Once that connection is established they’re more likely to consider your brand for their next car purchase, potentially even encouraging them to purchase a car sooner. But again, the fight for consumers’ attention is great, and auto experiential marketing activations require more than just a car display. We’re sharing a few recent auto experiential marketing activations we helped to staff that were outside the box and drove results.

The Chevy Family Experience

A tour is a great way to reach consumers in different areas across the country, and this Chevy Family Tour did just that. It included 25 locations across the U.S. lasting 4 months. There were 6-8 cars per event display, but this wasn’t just about displaying Chevy in different areas across the country – it was about engaging with consumers as they learn more about the brand and car. Trivia games and a packing relay did just that. The tour was focused on product presentation and lead generation. There were 9 product specialists per event that each went through extensive training to educate each ambassador on the car. This is necessary with auto experiential marketing activations. Knowledge allows brand ambassadors to better engage with consumers. This tour resulted in more than 31,000 leads and more than 200,000 impressions.

KIA NBA Event Series

For this KIA event, brand ambassadors were hired to work at NBA games and interact with consumers. The goal was to get consumers signed up for a mailing list while showcasing the Kia vehicle onsite. It was more than displaying the car, and earning the emails was going to take more than an ask with no offer. For this event, ambassadors took photos of consumers to engage them and in return for that photo, consumers provided their email addresses. This happened in 10 locations across the U.S. As a result, over 200 consumers were at each event interacting with the brand, taking photos, and providing their email addresses.

National Emerald Club Lounge

National Rental Car took their event to 9 local airports around the U.S. Event staff were stationed inside select airports to engage with consumers through a club-style lounge. This was a great opportunity to catch those that would be traveling and in need of a rental car. Events should always take place where your audience is. The goal of this activation was to encourage sign-ups for the Emerald Club Loyalty Program. Ambassadors were stationed 5 days per week for 12 hours for 3-6 months. Over 2 million consumer impressions were reached as a result.

There are so many great activation ideas we have seen and could share. We would love to share with you to see if it sparks a unique idea for any of your next auto experiential marketing activations. Reach out to us here if you’d like to chat!

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